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We are the leading authority when it comes to auto transport to or from Alaska

The Authority in Alaska Auto Shipping

  • Efficient Service

    Our car shipping services remains flexible, efficient, and affordable for everyone. We also offer opportune special services all the time. Call us to find out more!

  • 5 Star 100% ratings

    We have 100% 5 Star ratings all across the board! We provide the the best service in the industry and our rates are unbeatable. Call us and find out how.

  • POV Shipping

    Here, we offer our military members exclusive rates when moving their POV to or from Alaska. This is even on top of our already competitive rates!.

  • Fully Qualified Staff

    Our staff is fully trained and qualified to handle the details of any auto shipment to or from Alaska. Whether you need one car shipped, or 15, Call us right now for an accurate, free, no-obligation quote.

  • Enclosed Carriers

    Our enclosed carrier service protects your vehicle from the harshest of outside elements. Many are also climate controlled for especially high-end vehicles.

  • Quotes Are All-Inclusive

    All taxes, fees, and even fuel surcharges are already included in the low prices we quote you. What you see is what you get.

Stress-Free Alaska Auto Transport

Here at ALASKAAUTOTRANSPORT.CO, understand that trying to relocate your vehicle, ESPECIALLY to or from a place like Alaska, can be VERY stressful. Moreover, when you throw a bunch of complicated paperwork into the mix and you’re worrying continuously about who is handling your vehicle, things can, sometimes, get completely overwhelming.

Thankfully, we are here to eliminate ALL of that from your moving experience. Our responses to any and all of our clients’ requests are quick and straightforward. Here at ALASKAAUTOTRANSPORT.CO, our goal is simple; to provide every customer, whether you’re an individual or a business with the best vehicle transportation service to or from Anchorage, Alaska.

Our business philosophy is to provide the best, fastest, most efficient auto transporting services designed to fit your specific auto transporting needs―all at a rate that WILL NOT break your bank!